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Jacques Bégin

It's a strange time in life when your life and plans completely implode and you find yourself questioning many of life's major decisions. Did I pick the the wrong career path?  Am I even marriage material? Why that even with so much to still be grateful for do I still feel so empty and unfulfilled inside?  That's where I found myself in 2016.  

Fast forward a few years post divorce, a pandemic, getting laid off from two software companies in less than two years (yes two,) toss in a good dose of health issues and BAM!  You have yourself a mid-life crisis. Or as others sometimes call it a dark night of the soul or a spiritual awakening. No matter what you call it, I knew that something was off - particularly career wise. 


You see, I found myself in 'good jobs' with 'good pay' but after 6 months or so, I just lost motivation.  It's not that I'm lazy - in fact, on paper everything looks great and I've accomplished quite a lot. But something was missing.  The hectic pace, reactionary management style, and remote work isolation left me drained and ill.    Marketing software that's only used to make other companies more money wasn't the way that I wanted to spend the second half of my life.   And after two unceremonious exits from the corporate world I wanted to be the captain of life, not just a passenger on the boat.  And so began my long journey to find more meaning in my work and my life.


Jacques lives in Shelton, Connecticut with his two daughters.  He is an accomplished speaker and writer, avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, DIYer, and certified meditation facilitator. 

Jacques holds a BA in Anthropology and French and an MBA both from the University of Connecticut.

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